White Paper

RVC White Paper

Running Vault Coin is a globally distributed digital asset based on blockchain technology. Download the white paper to learn more about RVC.


Team Members

Hara Horbetta


Mr. Hara Horbetta is a software engineer focused on Internet application security. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Jagiellonia University. Before joining RVC, he worked with the Development and Security Consulting Association. In addition, he discovered technical vulnerabilities on Facebook and Yahoo and participated in the overall security technology optimization program.

Nijran Rajiv

Co-founder VP

Nijran Rajiv is an expert in statistics and computer science. He has extensive and deep understanding and certain achievements in advanced data science, applied science, statistics and machine learning. With Mr. Rajiv's many years of research, he has developed advanced and innovative technology solutions in cross-border payment and data storage research. He used a new perspective to develop unique data science storage and statistical methods with an infinite hotspot of block technology and making great changes to the Internet of Things.